Monday, January 14, 2013

Tanjung Pasir Resort - Tangerang

At the pier...waiting for the boat to cross us to the island

It was cloudy with quite strong wind this morning when i had my daily swimming. The pool surface was a way that reminded me of the rippled lake of Tanjung Pasir Resort. I didn't know why and how we came here...I was asleep during the entire journey *blame my allergic medicine which I took a nite before* But, when I came around, I found myself somewhere with green swaying paddy fields on both sides of the road. Whoah...I was kinda feeling dejavu *we passed lots of paddy fields during our roadtrip to Jogja* Catching the banner here and there, I found we were at Teluk Naga, Tangerang. Dumbfounded, my hubby told us that we were going to Tanjung Pasir Resort. He didnt know bout the place neither but he trusted the GPS. Ehm...I heard that name before but couldn't quite pinpoint what this place is all about.

So I sit back and enjoyed the trip. The road isn't big (just enough for 2cars) but the traffic was light with several cars only but plenty of bike (only a bit of traffic around the traditional market). As long as you are patient and careful, you will be fine. After about 30mins off the highway (exit Dadap), the paddy fields around us changed into fish and prawn embankment pools. And within 5mins, we were arrived at the designated place.

The resort is huge in term of the areal, with several man-made islands. To cross to the island, there are either wooden bridge (too bad we didn't take any pic here) or rope-pulling-boat. It consists of hotel ground, several cafes and/restos with fishing lakes as its main attraction. They also have children playground though small and swimming pool nearby the hotel. I'm not fond of fishing...can't find any attraction in setting the fish-bait and wait for an ages for something to catch on. But I saw quite lots of people (some with their family) were enjoying the moment. It was a relaxing place with rippled of water...breeze of salty wind. A place where we can fully relax and enjoy the calm scenery. A perfect place for your weekend especially if you like fishing   :-)

The fried banana was quite good but the french fries was pricy (small portion costs us IDR 30k)

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