Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jungle Land - Adventure Theme Park @Sentul Nirwana

The owl building on the left side
The egg shape building on the right
Ticketing booth - yeah...i was too shocked to complain :-D
How to get there map - taken from
Final exam was more school уααу!└(^o^)┘ \^o^/ └(^o^)┘уααу! My girls (as well as me) are having our hightime. Holiday is stretching for another 7weeks to come and to give a good start for this holiday and to celebrate the effort spent by my girls during the exam (and me of course), we had a trip ↖(^ω^)↗...уιρρєу!...ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ) We went to Jungle Land @Sentul City, the newest amusement park establishment there. Btw we went there with several friends of the girls at school...sounded FUN, wasn't it?
Get your J initial upon entrance
Some dino rides in progress
Posed before entering
How to get there?
It is simple. Just take the highway road to Sentul City (highway exit: Sentul Selatan) then turn left. Follow the road (roughly 5km or about 15mins of average driving speed) until you pass Taman Budaya (on your right), keep going for a minute then turn left. You will see the entrance to Sentul Nirwana, one of housing cluster where Jungle Land is located. Follow the main road and turn to left again (there is a signage on the left side pedestrian). Keep going until you see the main gate (unfinished at the moment) of Jungle Land. For now on, a visitor needs to pay IDR 10k for car parking (pay in advance during entering) and keep the ticket since they will check it upon exiting the premises. From this very first sight of the place, they sure allocate enormous space for parking. Another minutes of drive toward the lobby showed construction is still going on the main lobby. 2 egg-shape-building are sitting nicely on the right and the left, with few totems towering in front of it. Some bam-bam sounds and dust from the construction site travels to where we parked our car. I was a bit dejected...I knew the construction is still going on but seeing what was in front of me...made me realized that they are nowhere near finishing stage. However, since I had spent an hour driving up here...and since my girls were so we went on with our plan.
Roarrrr....apparently the kids were afraid to pose near the dino robot
The inside of Robot Zoo
The chameleon robot
The entrance ticket during the promo period is IDR 75k per pax (only until end of May 2013 and then it will be IDR 175k for weekend or IDR 125k for weekday). Children above 80cm needs a ticket. Bring lots of cash since neither they have EDC machine nor any available ATM nearby. You aren't allowed to bring branded/packed food or beverage, however food/beverage placed in container/water bottle (that you can buy on shelves) are allowed. Don't forget your sunblock/aftersun lotion/cap or hat/umbrella and raincoat since the sun was quite scorching and shower can suddenly pour. The park is open from 10am until 10pm.
Science corner
Demo by Mr Pinter
Tribe dance performance
We were welcomed into the Robot Zoo, the only indoor facilities here (too bad, the lighting was so poor). With various kinds of dino on the entrance, this building is displaying animal robots which can move (only head/body/tail though). This international exhibition offers various science experiments and mindflex - how to move things with mind (though we didn't see this mindflex anywhere). Robot zoo is also housing the science center, claimed to be the biggest (on their website) but it was just a corner of it with some exhibitions (some weren't working at that time). They also present live science demo lead by Mr Pinter (Mr Smart if translated into English) but again, the item shown were pretty basic stuff, which most of science-freak-primary-student has acquired.
Snack & beverage corner
The uncompleted area of Carnival
The main gate of Downtown area
From Robot Zoo, we stepped into the outdoor area of Carnival (the most ready section in the park). Beside Carnival, according to the park map, there will be (not ready at the time the post is published) Downtown, Explora, Tropicalia, and Mysteria sections, each with its distictive attractions. At the time of our visit, only 11 attractions are ready (among 58 planned points of interest).
The park map - taken from
Parade of - ehm...flower fairy perhaps?
Afternoon live show

Some view isn't it?
The available attractions are:
1. Rumah Jelangkung (ghost house) where we ride a train thru dark alley with spooky setting. But no worry, even my youngest girl enjoyed the ride :-) I would not further explain about this one, I tried not to spoil your future ride there 【ツ】ƗƗє²² ƗƗє²² ƗƗє²²【ツ】

2. Mobil Jeger Jeger, well known as bumper cars. You have to be 135cm or above to ride this (and they are very strict with it - thumb up for keeping the rule)

3. Kebut-kebutan where you can drive your own car and race thru the designated 700m tracks (the longest in Indonesia). A min height of 135cm is required to drive on your own

4. Muter2. An amusement park isn't complete without a carrousel in it and Jungle Land has it with its animals on it. Too bad, the seat designated for adult is limited on this ride (only 4 to choose) and I suffered thru my ride in a spinning snake arrggghhhh...

5. Disk'o is a wide circular ride moving in circle while going up and down (with 45degree tilt) on the designated track (just like dancing in the disco club - with a complete hangover-feeling-alike too after the ride is done). Again, min height of 135cm is required for this.

6. Petir (lighting) is pretty much well-known for those who prefer adrenalin rides. This extreme swinger will fly you up to 20m above the ground in a mere seconds before it swing you back to another opposite direction. It requires a min 135cm in height.

7. Sepur Leutik, a mini train with fancy colourful clown paint on it will be suitable to entertain your toddler

8. 3 point basket where you could exercise and practice your shot or dunk

9. Hihibeuran. Well, I am not fluent in local (traditional language) so I didn't know what is hihibeuran. But this extreme ride terrified me a lot (I still could conjure up the scream and yell from the brave riders). The aeroplane-look-alike-ride moves fast in one big circle in which an individual plane moves up and down, right and left, keep turning around. I imagined feeling trapped inside the ball and being kicked here and there (geez...even explaining the ride gave me ‎​a headache =.=! pheω...‎​⊙﹏⊙)

10. Ceblak ceblok. Another unknown local term for me but this ride is available even at mall's amusement park in Jakarta. Some might know it as a jumping frog (with a frog figure on it) and the seat can jump up to 7m before lurching down. My girls said, the going down movement tickled her tummy (´▽`)ノ♪ Нªª は は は Нªª

11. The last attraction is called Mini Pontang Panting (swinger)

After satisfying your adrenalin with those rides, you could replenish your spirit at the Jungle Resto (the one resto available at the time we visited there) with limited menus as well. The meals sold were ready (sorta fast food) and was quite edible (so it wasn't something that is prepared upon your order) but I hope in the future, more resto and menu will be offered. While the dining room was furnished with the basic needs only (not even AC was available to cool down our body ◦(˘o ˘") ジロ! Hüђђђ o(︶︿︶)o ). Totally uncomfortable and I could see they tried to fit everything ready for the soft opening. Again, I hope they could provide some cozy sofa with AC where the tired visitors can slump down and enjoy the meals or simply resting over a steaming tasty coffee. Toilet were ready but again, they only opened few cubicles (mostly 2 toilet cubicles among tens of them). The sinks were too high and wide, so for parents, please accompany your child otherwise the children can't reach it (yeah, we had a talk with the toilet attendance who said that it was difficult for her to clean the sinks due to the height and size). Well, since this amusement park welcomes children, it will be nice if the management provide child-friendly facilities inside the park. Other onsite facilities available are locker on rent with IDR 10k per coin and umbrella rental :-)
The resto
Menus ... phewww
A glimpse of inside the resto
Anyway, though it was a bit early to say this, I believe Jungle Land has a promising outlook in a year (I'm thinking whether this will be on par with USS upon completion - can't hardly wait for our next year visit 【ツ】ƗƗє²² ƗƗє²² ƗƗє²²【ツ】 ). There are lots of room for improvement but we did enjoy our day there (which there was no queue at all and we were able to re-ride our fav rides). Claimed to be the biggest in Indonesia (upon completion), Jungle Land with its tagline of adventure theme park offers a fresh enjoyment for adventure seekers. Well...ready for your ride?
Posed before going home
The yummy mommies tagging along with the kids   :-)
Boating @Ah Poong
PS. Complete park map is available for download at the respective website